Filter tap water anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Owell fits almost every bottle, carafe, kettle, glass, sports bottle, baby bottle or pot. Consumers have a much wider choice of usage compared to other water filters. And they can simply combine Owell with a container that fits their personal style and taste.


Owell is the first portable water filter that’s not connected to either your tap or a container like a jug or bottle. Simply filter water directly from the tap into a container of your choice. This way the water is always fresh, because it’s filtered for immediate use.


Owell is compact and filters tap water direct and fast. Fresh filtered water without the need of expensive filters or complex systems. 




The Owell Water Filter absorbs and reduces bacteria’s, chemicals, metals, calcium deposits as well as chlorine, odors and tastes in your tap water.


For better taste try filtering the water you use for cooking and making coffee or tea, protect your household appliances from lime scale build up at the same time.

Reduce hardness of water, softer taste.








Replace cartridge every month when used daily or to the equivalent of 125 liters.


An average bottle of a liter water costs 0.70 €/L. One filtered with Owell cost you 0.04 €/L, wich is 17 times less in costs.


wasting your money on bottled water. A perfect way to stop using harmfull PET bottles and start protecting the environment.


In addition Owell has a design that’s very compact and easy to use. Portable, so you can filter on the go, wherever you go. And from any drinking water tap. This makes Owell an ideal travel companion.


to travel with. Always have your fresh filtered water, alone or with a group of people.


The holder is conventiently dishwasher safe, of course BPA free and produced under ISO-standard.


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